Cooking CultureDear Friends,

Welcome to Cooking Culture. It’s all about the passion of cooking that me and my sister has been sharing together over the years. Cooking has always been a great part of our culture and growing up we have seen how my grandmother and mother have been cooking food with love, care and paying great attention to the small details. We still want to carry on our tradition in the upcoming generation. Besides that nothing has ever make us more happy than just going inside the kitchen and start making some delicious recipes for our loved ones.

Well Loved Indian food isn’t just about Curries and butter. I know it is an old saying but I would still like to share it here, “A way through someone’s heart is through his stomach”- that someone could be anyone like your life partner, children, family and friends.Cooking is not just going inside the kitchen and mixing stuff together, it does require some skills. In our busy life’s most of us rely on those processed foods that are full of preservatives or drive thru’s and that’s the reason why people are having some serious diseases. We are not here to scare you but just give it a thought, giving 45 minutes from your busy schedule can totally change the life of your family.

So let’s share and spread the fun while cooking some good recipes that blends well with our culture.


6 Responses to About

  1. Purvish Kapasi says:

    Just amazing effort. Excellent presentation. God bless you in your further efforts.

  2. Priya says:

    Hi Kalgi
    Nice to bump into your website thru your Youtube videos. Your very talented and its amazing how you manage this blog, cooking as well as a busy career. We shared a flight to HongKong 2 yrs back and were chatting away non-stop…. to refresh yr memory 🙂 Tk cr.. Look forward to more Yumm stuff !

    • Hi Priya, Good to catch up with you after long…ofcourse I do remember you and how much you love food, gng to Napa and Big sur 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment. I try to manage it with my sister’s help. Hope you doing great!

  3. Secret_agent says:

    You have the most intelligent, authentic, well-edited, professionally prepared Gujarati dish videos.

    After watching your brilliant silent movies on YouTube, all other talk-talk-talk cooking videos seem boring, backward, junks

    I have a ton of authentic Gujarati saurashrtra dishes from my grandmother and aunts. But I don’t have your talent.

    I LOVE the copious amount of methi (e.g. In your khichachi video) – it tells the people “this is how it’s done – take it or leave it”

    Thank you thank you the genious sisters.

    =Secret Agent=

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Secret_agent. And I am sure you have the talent to do this 🙂
      We really appreciate your candid and generous remarks.

      THANK YOU THANK YOU “Secret_agent” =)

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