Phulka Rotli

I was so happy today when I made Phulka Rotli’s using my Roti/Tortilla maker. It was so soft and light, it just melted in my mouth. Trust me it was so easy. Believe it or not, the video shows it all. It is worth trying, Enjoy 🙂

I bought this roti maker from Amazon. Follow the link below.
Revel Tortilla Roti Maker With Temperature Control 1000 Watts Non-Stick 110 Volts

Roti is the heart of Indian Cuisine. It is normally eaten with Indian curries and cooked vegetables.It is also the most challenging thing to make. I hope this video helps us.


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4 Responses to Phulka Rotli

  1. Chitvan says:

    Thank you so much guys for uploading the video and the link for the tortilla maker as well…This definitely seems less messier and much easier way to make rotis..I cant wait to try making it this way..Thanks a lot once again. I look forward to some more delicious recipes.


    • Hi Chitvan,

      Thanks for checking it out. Yes it is very easy takes abt 1 min per rotli and it is so clean. I love to make rotlis in this way. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and making a request. I appreciate more request from u. Stay tuned for more delicious recipes.

      Take Care
      Cooking Culture

  2. Smita says:


    Great blog! I like your recipes…thanks for sharing 🙂 I bought my Revel tortilla/roti maker and had a question for you. Which temperature control do you keep it on? Max or half way or low? I’m still doing some testing and so far I learned that if the temp. is too high, the roti gets cooked through which you don’t want…it should cook properly on the stove.

    Let me know…thx!

    • Hi Smita,

      Thanks a lot for trying my recipes…I am very glad. The revel roti maker which i have is like 4 years old so it doesn’t have temperature control. I think you should try Medium heat because it is better if you just cook half in roti maker and make it phulkas on gas :). I really appreciate your nice words.

      Take care

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